Friday, February 24, 2012

The Will Of God!

This is what I read ones in a book:

<< One day, God was upset on people 
because of all their imperfections and negative vibrations they had.
He though that his creation is not that perfect and this thought made Him so angry that
He start a strong storm, with thunder and lightning and was crushing most of the land. 
He also put fire in some forests and 
The people were screaming like crazy,
It was awful!

In this time, the angels were singing and dancing so happy and so beautiful that 
God himself stops for a while to ask the angels what is in their minds:

- Why are you so happy? he asked.
Don't you see what is happening to the Earth?

Then, the angels reply:
- Yes God, we see what is happening to the Earth..
We are happy because actually it is happening

The will of God>>

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